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5 Tips to Prevent Food Cravings at Odd Hours

Food cravings are worst enemy for any dieter. The intense desire for food is on all time high during the off hours. Generally, people crave for various foods but amongst all varieties of food, cravings for junk food are stronger and more intense. Cravings are actually helpful if taken in the right way. They are actually triggers from the body to maintain a healthy state of balance. Nourish your body with healthy substitutes to control food cravings with these useful tips.

1. Start your day with cereals:

Whole cereals are a healthy way to start your day. They are highly nutritive and are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. They are rich in dietary fibres and protein. Protein is a potent appetite suppressant. Fibre helps to keep the stomach full for a longer duration of time. Thus, as the stomach feels full, food cravings will be reduced to a much greater extent. If you are in a hurry, then instead of grabbing cookies just grab a ready to eat breakfast cereals which are healthy and quick to prepare.

2. Drink Green Tea:

Green tea is known to curb unwanted food cravings. It contains a phytonutrient called EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate. It increases the hormone cholecystokinin and is responsible for suppressing appetite thereby creating a feeling of satiation. Green tea helps to burn unwanted body fats and provides energy by a process known as thermogenesis. Consider opting for green tea to suppress the food pranks at odd hours. A mug full of green tea is a way to go! It is a healthy beverage to curb food cravings.

3. Drink Water:

Drink a glass full of water when there is sudden urge for food. Usually, the food cravings fade away in few minutes. Drinking water helps prevents dehydration. Our body sometimes has a trouble in differentiating between dehydration and hunger. Dehydration in the body can manifest as a form of mild hunger. Usually, we end up munching some junk food like chips or donuts. Drinking water helps to combat food cravings at odd times and keeps you healthy as well.

4. Munch Something Healthy:

Grab some nuts or healthier alternatives like fresh berries, etc. These healthy and better choices help to distract those unwanted food cravings until they pass. Berries and nuts are rich in antioxidants and help to fight against diseases. Also, they are rich in fibres and proteins that help in reducing sugar cravings and keep the stomach full.

5. Balance your meal:

A balanced diet is a key to controlling food cravings. A meal should consist of little carbohydrates and a good quantity of proteins and fibres. A meal should consist of a balanced diet. Proteins and fibers help to keep the food cravings at bay by keeping the tummy full.

Consume more of proteins by opting organic dals and pulses. Ditch stimulants and incorporate green veggies and pulses in your diet. Buy organic products to make your diet really healthy.

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5 Tips to Prevent Food Cravings at Odd Hours

Food craving triggers the body to fall for something unhealthy. But with healthy supplement options, you can control the hunger pranks at odd hours.


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