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Fenugreek seeds for lustrous long locks

Beautiful, voluminous, lustrous tresses is what every women out there wishes for. Gazing at the ads of hair masks and looking at the salons, many may just take a step back thinking it might hit hard on the pocket. However, you don’t need exorbitant treatments, masks or butter for those tresses. All you need is just a few home-made ingredients to rescue your unruly, damaged hairs.

Besides adding taste to the dishes, Fenugreek seeds, true holy grail produced by the nature, not only works for better health but also does wonders to the hairs. The spice of Indian culinary, which is also known as Methi, tastes bitter yet is rich in its medicinal value.

The presence of protein in the seeds acts like therapeutic agent against baldness. The Vitamin C enriched spice boosts immunity and Potassium prevents premature greying of hairs. Hair growth is promoted by Nicotinic Acid of the yellow seeds, while Lecithin treats sensitive scalp.

The seeds also possess a hormone antecedent which aids to rebuild follicles. While everyone have their own unique type of hair, some unruly, some frizzy, some filled with splits or some lay flat, Fenugreek has a solution for all. It brings back the bounce in your tresses while nourishing them deeply.

For frizz free curls:

Those blessed with curly hairs have their own share of problems to manage and maintain them. All they need to do is to soak 2-3 tbsp of Methi in water and leave it overnight. The next day after the shampoo routine, rinse your hair gently with the water of Methi. Et Voila, the bounce sans frizz we always looked for.

Damage control:

The life in city comes with its own pros and cons, while one can enjoy the rush hours in the city, he or she may fall victim of damaged hairs due to smoke and pollution. The easiest solution to ditch the lifeless hairs is to use Methi to caress your long locks for natural lustre. Soak 2-3 tbsp of Methi in water and make a paste. Add coconut milk to the paste and massage your scalp with the mixture. Leave in for 30 minutes and rinse off with water later. The follicles will thank for such blissful treat and a luxe hair cap will cover your hairs.

Control oil secretion of scalp:

Many ladies with oily scalp take the struggle of slathering their long locks with shampoo every alternate day to remove the oiliness. They try many expensive treatments to combat the greasiness resulting in no longevity. Thankfully, Methi helps to fight greasiness allowing the scalp to breathe. A paste of fistful Methi seeds, which were soaked overnight, and apple cider vinegar with a little water to balance the acidic mixture will work like magic potion for your long locks.

Fenugreek deep conditioning:

Fenugreek is a great moisture restoring agent for dull hairs which have lost the essential oil. A fist full of Methi, soaked overnight, grinded as a paste with some aloe vera extracts, 1/4th cup to be specific, will do the needful. Generously spread the paste onto the scalp, moving to the strands and the tips. Massage it to infuse the goodness of moisture to the hairs. For the best results, one can apply the paste at night and wash it off the next morning.

Combat splits:

Rough and brittle hairs are prone to split ends and nothing better than fenugreek seeds. Application of paste of 5 tsbp seeds, that were soak overnight, can enhance the texture of the hairs. Twice a week application will help to maintain good health of hairs. Even the water which is left behind after seeds are soaked overnight can help for the sheen of hairs. Just rinse your hair with that water and let it settle for three hours before washing it off with cold water.

Treat baldness:

Ditch the salon appointments and serums for regrowth of follicles. Simply infusing powdered form of Fenugreek seeds into coconut oil or olive oil and gentle massage will improve the growth. Leave the application for ten minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

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Fenugreek seeds for lustrous long locks

By Terra Greens Organic

Fenugreek seeds, true holy grail produced by the nature, not only works for better health but also does wonders to the hairs.




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