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Benefits of Kismis or Raisins for healthy skin and hair

Kismis or Raisins are the ubiquitous little wonders which our grandmothers and mothers added to everything from Pulaos to Kheer to biscuits and bread. Made by drying out grapes, raisins are a healthy alternative to sugar. Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals raisins can give an instant boost of energy.

General benefits: Raisins are an excellent aid for digestion and oral health. They readily lower blood pressure and can even prevent strokes. Raisins are full of calcium making the bones strong and preventing diseases like gout, arthritis, etc. The antibacterial component in raisins reduces the risk of infections thus increasing immunity. When eaten in modulation, raisins as natural sweeteners help maintain ideal insulin levels. Raisins are also anti-cancerous as they reduce the risk of formation of tumours as well as cataracts in the eye.
A handful of raisins eaten every day as a snack or combined with dry fruits promotes healthy skin and hair too!

Raisins for healthy skin:
Raisins are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients which are especially beneficial for skin, as they –

  • Reduce fine lines, marks and spots
  • Are anti-aging as they reduce wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate skin cells and prevent sagging
  • Make skin smooth by reducing acne and boils
  • Hydrate the skin making it pumped up and youthful looking
  • Give a glow to the skin by aiding in regeneration of skin cells
  • Prevent Cancer of the skin by protecting from UV radiation, i.e. exposure to the sun

Raisins for healthy hair:
Raisins have minerals like Magnesium and Potassium which aid in smooth body functions. They also contain amino acids, Vitamin B, C, & E and Resveratrol which are a boon for healthy strong hair as they –

  • Improve absorption of nourishing nutrients thus keeping greying at bay
  • Fight hair loss, making hair stronger
  • Prevent dandruff and itchiness and flaking
  • Promote hair growth by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles
  • Give life to dull hair making it soft and shining

Raisins are a versatile ingredient and can be eaten on its own with warm milk or in combination with other foods. It can be stored for several months in airtight containers. Take care to use only the best quality product. Organic Raisin is a popular choice.

Eat Raisins regularly for overall good health.

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Benefits of Kismis or Raisins for healthy skin and hair

Raisins can help your skin glow and provide nourishment to your hair, here are all the details!


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