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Embrace the Magic of Gram Flour

Gram flour, also known as Besan, is made from ground chickpeas. It can also be made from raw or roasted gram beans. The roasted variety has more flavour whereas the raw tastes slightly bitter. Gram flour is a magic flour. Its sheer application will astonish you.

Nutritional value of Besan:

Besan flour contains protein, sugar, fats, fibres, and carbohydrates. Besan is also rich
in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, and copper. Although it not a rich source of most vitamins, it does contain vitamin A, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin K and folate.

Besan can be used as a thickener in soups and stews, as a batter for frying, for pancakes or waffles. To some extent, it can replace wheat flour in baking since it is gluten free. It is used in various homemade face packs too.

Wonders of Besan:

Besan can be used both for health and beauty.

Health benefits:

  1. Healthy heart: It contains sodium which ensures proper functioning of heart muscles.
  2.  Reduces blood cholesterol level: It contains no trans-fat and has healthy fats that help in lowering blood cholesterol.
  3. Controls blood pressure: It contains magnesium which regulates the blood pressure and vascular health.
  4. Controls diabetes: It has a low Glycemic Index which makes it an ideal healthy choice for the diabetic patients.
  5. Weight management: It has high dietary fibres which satiate hunger for a longer period and the fats present never add to your weight.
  6. Fights anaemia: It has high iron content that helps fight fatigue and anaemia.
  7. Improves mood: It contains Vitamin B6 which plays an important role in the synthesis of serotonin, a major mood regulator in the body and thus relieves stress.
  8. Protein rich: As compared to other flours, it contains more proteins thus provides high energy.
  9. Bone health: It contains less calcium but the available calcium is mostly absorbable and thus it limits the loss of bone density.
  10. Pregnancy: It contains folate, iron, calcium and Vitamin B6. Thus it can be considered as a wholesome food during pregnancy.

Besan for the beautiful you:

  1. It helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.
  2.  It absorbs the excess greasiness and controls oil secretion on the face.
  3. Besan along with sandalwood powder, honey and turmeric helps reduce acne.
  4. Besan with yoghurt and tomato juice helps de-tan the skin.
  5. It helps keep the skin smooth and glowing.

Some quick recipes of Gram Flour:

Besan laddoo:
Ingredients: Besan, sugar, ghee, dry fruits, cardamom powder.
Method: Roast besan on low flame with ghee and cool it completely. Add powdered sugar and mix properly. Add dry fruits and cardamom powder and again mix properly. Roll into small balls in your palm. Delicious laddoos are ready.

Vegetable Bhaji (pakoda):
Ingredients: assorted vegetables cut into small pieces, besan, turmeric, salt, water, chilli powder, oil, etc.
Method: Make a smooth batter using Besan, chilli powder, salt, and turmeric by adding water in small quantities. Dip the pieces in this batter and deep fry in oil till golden brown. Serve hot with chutney or sauce.

Other Besan recipes include Besan Khandvi, Gatte ki Sabji, Steamed Dhokla, Sev, Kadhi, Mysore Pak, etc.

When it comes to buying Besan, trust only the organic producers for the best quality Terra Greens.

Terra Greens Organic

Embrace The Magic Of Gram Flour

When it comes to buying Besan, trust only the organic producers for the best quality Terra Greens.


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