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Foxtail Millets Add to Your Healthy diet

This is one of those mornings when you wake up in a great mood hoping to have a great day.

But what lets you down and spoils your nothing-can-go-wrong day is the reply when you ask, “what’s for breakfast?”

The breakfast has to be something that gives a happy as well as healthy start to your day. We don’t blame you if you keep running out of healthy yet tasty options for the first meal of the day.

Just like you, bored with the usual, I keep searching for interesting and different alternatives. With a determination to try something new, last Sunday I picked up a recipe from the food section of my morning newspaper. Foxtail millet porridge!

I always had the notion; healthy is rarely tasty.  To my surprise, this healthy meal didn’t fail to please my taste buds. My family loved it too. The slightly sweet flavour and almost bland taste of this grain gave me the freedom to render the taste of my choice, on the other hand, the nutty flavour of the millets was an added delight.

I was now curious to know more about these tiny little grains. So I started reading about it. As I began gathering some facts, I was amazed by the number of Foxtail Millet health benefits. It was all the push I needed to bring it into my everyday cooking.

Foxtail millets, commonly known as Kangni are one of the oldest cultivated grains from India. Originally used as a bird food and animal fodder, people have now found many reasons to accept it as a staple food. If you are trying to find your motivation to bring them to your kitchen, allow us to help you with these quick insights about this grain,

  1. Foxtail millets are 100% gluten-free and non-allergenic.
  2. They are alkaline in nature and easily digestible.
  3. They help against constipation by hydrating the colon.
  4. The nutritional value and easy digestibility of millets make them a great baby food for weaning process (make sure you start with just a spoonful on the first day and gradually increase the quantity over a week’s time)
  5. If you follow a vegan diet, these millets can make your meal.
  6. The serotonin content in them has a calming effect on your mood
  7. They are a rich source of magnesium which regulates secretion of glucose and insulin in your body, thus reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  8. Magnesium can also help to reduce the effects of heart attack and migraine.
  9. Vitamin B3 present in millets can contribute in lowering cholesterol.
  10. They have high fibre content and are known to satiate hunger quickly, thus helping against overeating.
  11. They help in preventing cardiovascular disease as its consumption decreases triglycerides and C-reactive protein.
  12. Postmenopausal women who are suffering from signs of heart ailments are suggested to consume these regularly.
  13. They also reduce chances of gallstones because they are rich in fibre.
  14. They are healthy antioxidants
  15. They are mostly organically grown, so if you consume them, you are safe from the harmful effects of pesticides and chemicals.

Apart from the above benefits, The texture and the nature of these millets as an ingredient easily allows you to experiment more and more with your cooking. Traditional Indian cuisines like Pongal, khichdi, payasam, upma, dosa, and even savouries and snacks, all of these can be prepared with foxtail millet as the main ingredient.

But remember to use them in moderation like any other grain. It is wise to rotate your cereals and grains like you rotate your vegetables and fruits. In this way, you don’t need to worry about millet’s poor iodine uptake.

To wrap it up, foxtail millets’ everything needed for a healthy diet. A relief for your digestive system, a friendly food for babies and diabetics and a safe option for those sensitive to gluten. This highly nutritious and sustainable food grain is just what you need for your responsible eating habits.

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Foxtail Millets Add to Your Healthy diet

The breakfast has to be something that gives a happy as well as healthy start to your day. We don’t blame you if you keep running out of healthy yet tasty options for the first meal of the day


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