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Look at any average Indian plate from anywhere in India – North, East, West or South; and you would for sure find some form and variety of pulses and dals.

Indians have always been smart and efficient when it comes to food – they can squeeze the most out of the seemingly simple food items that are super easy to prepare and consume.

Pulses and Dals are no exception

Whether it is Toor Dal, Chana Dal, Moong; pulses house a bag full of proteins –almost double of what is found in wheat and three times that of rice, as FAO too has suggested the same.

Their advantage is huge when we think of an option of slow-burning energy because pulses are low in calories but rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre. They are dense when it comes to fibre so they can easily bind toxins and cholesterol in the intestines thus enabling a quick exit of unwanted stuff from the body.

They are quite a cheap, easy and ‘ready to absorb’ powerhouse of proteins and pack quite a barrage of minerals like iron and zinc. Their role in cases of chronic diseases is also not hidden when it comes to diabetes, blood-related ailments, and cholesterol-linked conditions.

They are almost comparable to a non-vegetarian diet when one is looking for a full-blown, satiating meal. They help one feel full but without endangering the gut health.

It has also been noted that iron content inside pulses assists strongly in the transport of oxygen throughout the body, as a stimulant of energy production and metabolism.

Being a low-Glycemic Index food also empowers them to help in blood sugar control. They are a good source of folate, a B-vitamin, which is critical when it comes to producing and maintaining new cells. For those looking at a low-fat diet strategy, pulses are the easiest option to go for without any of the expensive burdens. They encompass many important minerals and at the same time enable low-carbs that are good for energy but without compromising fat intake. Weight-watchers can enjoy pulses as they are just the thing the people on diet need.

Pulses enable the protein intake for people who cannot afford other food sources due to reasons of food choices or budget. They are hard to match when one thinks of the metabolism and digestion upsides that they quickly provide. Their role in containing fat and cholesterol while boosting energy, good fat, minerals, and anti-oxidants is paramount. They lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, are high in potassium and can lower blood pressure by balancing out the effects of sodium.

The uniqueness of Pulses is many folds. They can, unlike other foods, be easily grown with lower carbon footprints and at the same time, easily stored in dried form.

Some Indian households still carry habits like soaking dried pulses for several hours to activate their enzymes, and they also know how to avoid the phytate-side of raw pulses (which can affect absorption of minerals, such as iron and zinc).

Organic pulses retain many essential advantages of its nutrition and also address the need to avoid contamination due to chemical fertilisers and sprays.

Pulses can be readily applied to a variety of formats and in multiple cuisines. They can be stirred into a comfort soup or tossed with spaghetti or coupled with many versions of rice or wheat dishes. Pulses have always adjusted well to a variety of regional preferences, food cultures and cooking styles.

Next time you are looking for a super food, reach out for a pack of legumes and treat yourself with some wonder protein – Toor Dal, Urad Dal, Beans, Peanuts and other pulses. To order organic pulses and Dals and get the complete nutrition visit Terragreens.

Terra Greens Organic

The Pulse of Real Health

Health benefits of Protein Dals and Pulses that you cannot ignore.


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  1. Vijay
    Posted on October 11, 2016 at 3:46 pm


    I’m based at Chennai and would like to know whether you have any authorized distributors/ dealers of your products, particularly Almonds, Almond Milk, Pickles and Honey ( all 100% organic).

    If yes, please let me have their contact details.



    • terragreens
      Posted on November 25, 2016 at 5:48 am

      Hi Vijay,

      You can find our products at the following authorised distributor/ dealer stores across Chennai:

      • Annai Organic
      • Aadhya Organic
      • Aaryan Organic
      • AGM organic
      • Annam Organics
      • Arockiya santhai
      • Avanti Wholesome
      • Big basket
      • Corner Store
      • Dhanyam
      • Eco care
      • Eco Health Organic
      • ECO Nut
      • Eyal Organic
      • F5 Store
      • Farm Shop
      • Food Barn India
      • G Organic
      • Gift Of Nature
      • Good Food organic movement
      • Gormei Supermarket
      • Green Galaxy
      • Green Tree Organics
      • Health watch
      • Iceland Organic Valley
      • Imayam Organic
      • Jeyam Organic Granary
      • kalanjiyam organic
      • Kalpa Kshema
      • KPN
      • Mannmannam Organic
      • Minmini Organic Store
      • Mohan enter prises (Sukhajivanam)
      • Monsoon Leafe
      • Nagadevi Organic
      • Nalam Iyarkai Angadi
      • Nammalvar Organic shop
      • Navanithhi Organic
      • New Seeds Organic
      • Organic Abode
      • Organic Green Store
      • Organic Paradise
      • Organic Pasumaiyagam
      • Pasumai Boomi Organic
      • Revathi Foods
      • Spencer
      • Spencer’s Hyper
      • Sureka Organic
      • Team health
      • Thaimann Organics
      • Vaer Organic
      • Village organic
      • Yaktharatha Organic

      Do get in touch with us for further details at:+91-40-20000458, +91 9347576767

      Thank you.

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