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The mystery of an amazing bark

Here’s a quiz for you. Can you name that spice that is easily visible on your kitchen shelf now but which was almost as rare and precious as gold in the history once?

A hint: it was also used as an embalming agent. You must have at least guessed where?… of course, in ancient Egypt. This spice was so coveted and special that it was considered as a gift that would be perfect for a King.

Another hint: It is extracted from the inner bark of a tree called Cinnamomum.
Now that should tell you something. Yes, Cinnamon

And yet, you could have been barking up the wrong tree if you think it’s not precious anymore. Why do people stretch their hands towards a warm cup of Cinnamon tea then, whenever they are having a cramp, a tricky stomach, a painful joint or, silly sniffles or an irritating cough?

That tells a lot about why this spice was and perhaps is still, as good as a precious metal. Whether it is the Chinese traditional medicine that strongly suggests Cinnamon for phlegm coughs or Indian DIY aunts grabbing a warm mug of Cinnamon tea to ease the pain of arthritis or a spa manager delighting you with a Cinnamon Oil based massage oil as pain relief.

There are still some people who are as wise as good old Egyptians.
Care to join this wise group?

Update your Cinnamon wisdom from here. This is what you should know about this amazing spice when it comes to health, peace, and fitness.

1. Smile-agent

This spice is endowed with strong anti-bacterial properties helpful for usual problems related to teeth or gums. Its warming properties join its anti-bacterial strength in fighting illnesses like cough, phlegm, and cold. That should explain why it is a core part of Asian cuisine and home remedies. Cinnamon fights infection quickly, treats fungi-triggered respiratory tract infections and of course, that hard-to-hide bad breath too.

2. Arthritis Combatant

The bark packs a strong level of the Manganese mineral and hence comes to play its role in building bones, as well as connective tissue, blood. Researchers have been trying to find out why so many people trust this spice for finding relief in arthritis.

3. Diabetes

This spice also helps in insulin resistance and is often used to alance blood sugar variations, especially in Type 2 cases, by controlling glycemic levels thanks to the component called Cinnamaldehyde. Studies have demonstrated that this spice can bring down the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream after a meal while playing with many digestive enzymes related to the breakdown of carbohydrates in the guts. In fact, some researches also indicate the presence of a compound in cinnamon that can emulate insulin, thus, assisting in glucose uptake by cells. Along the way, it also pulls down total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, without messing with HDL cholesterol.

4. Anti-Clotting

Cinnamaldehyde’s effects also come to fore on blood platelets to prevent their clumping. In a way, it fights inflammatory constituents like a messaging molecule or arachidonic acid. By thinning blood, aiding blood circulation and hence empowering metabolism, Cinnamon also packs a role in weight loss.

5. Cancer

By shielding the body from oxidative damage spurred by free radicals and by using its antioxidants, polyphenols etc.; Cinnamon joins the club of Garlic and Oregano as a cancer-enemy.
This has been studied in areas like colorectal cancer, Eugenol, tumors, gastric cancers, Human hepatoma cells, Melanomas and even around leukemia & lymphoma cancer cells.

6. For Colon

Its combination of calcium and fiber helps hugely in removal of bile, and in turn, helping healthy bowels while also arresting the damage caused by some bile salts to colon cells (which helps in less colon cancer risk.)

7. Cognitive effects

Despite all the above uses, cinnamon still manages to surprise many in factors relating to brain, memory, and attention. It has been observed to be quite an aid with attention processes, virtual recognition memory, concentration, degree of alertness, depression issues, working memory, visual-motor speed etc. It shows immense effects in some neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s. Maybe that explains why just a sniff of this small piece of wood immediately stimulates good brain activity and feel-good moods.

8. Stomach flu

The spice has always shown its invincible power against stomach nuisances like the E-Coli, Salmonella as well as Campylobacter, adenovirus etc.

So many uses. One small curl of wonder. That’s Cinnamon.

Just remember what experts recommend – that organically grown cinnamon saves from dangers of irradiating that can cause a decrease in its vitamin C and carotenoid content. Go for an organic bark. You can shop for one here.

Next time you are quizzed about the hidden side of Cinnamon, you won’t be in an unfamiliar territory. So enjoy this wonder bark.

Terra Greens Organic

The mystery of an amazing bark

This bark is a wonderful health booster. Discover multiple benefits of cinnamon.

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